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Richard de Maaré
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For 25 years I’ve been working as an actor and have had a broad range of camera-related training, workshops and masterclasses. Acting is my passion but working behind the camera also really appeals to me, and it also adds to my insight and versatility as an actor.

I have experience as a gripper, light assistant, camera assistant, set builder, director, play director and producer. Since the existence of Actorsspot I am occasionally asked as a casting director or assisting in casting processes.

In 1984 at age 12 I played my first starring role in a student film. In the past 25 years I have gained a wide experience with many diverse assignments for television and film, among others. Including a starring role in one of the Dutch popular youth films “House of Anubis” and a supporting role in the popular Dutch television series PENOZA.

I also gained a wide experience behind the camera, such as camera and light assistant, grip, directing, producing, including coordinating the casting process for a short film of the Dutch, international music band, Within Temptation.

*2016, Nominated best actor 48 hour London, Oktober 2016
*2015, Nominated best actor 48 hour, 3 times in a row in the Netherlands

In 2013 I founded ActorsSpot. Actorsspot.com is an online platform where actors can show themselves and their skills, and where clients, like producers and casting agencies, can easily find and contact the actor they are looking for without a third party in between and without costs.


Acting age between age 30 and 45
Disciplines movies, theatre, musical, voice actor, voice-over
Productions film, short movie, student movie, exam movie, 48 hours film, company movie, videoclip, television, internet, stage, commercial, filmfestival movie, photography
Completed trainings Theatreschool De Trap, Amsterdam, Le Pavegnon Theater en Televisie Opleiding, Amsterdam
Workshops Method acting, docent Ruud van Hemert ('96)
Acteren, docent Frans Weisz ('07)
KEMNA summerschool, docente Carla van Driel ('08)
Works as.. professional actor
Experience 20 years of experience
Experience level professional
Self employed? ja
Has a VAR/WUO declaration? ja
Works internationally? ja
Speaks the following language(s) German, English, Dutch
Accepts paid assignments? ja
Accepts unpaid assignments? ja
Has the following driving licenses: AZ: motorcycle heavy, B: car, BE: car + trailer, C: trucks, CE: truck + trailer

Contact me


Most of the information on this website can also be seen on my resumé.
Do you have any remarks or questions? Then please contact me.

Download my resumé



Red Cross commercial with cast PENOZA
one minute scenes compilation of 5 short films selected Cannes filmfestival 2016
one minute Actor Clip Englisch scenes
Mixed emotions acting clip
Presentator showreel
(2 minute version) Scenes compilation of 5 short films selected Cannes filmfestival 2016
Acting reel met langere scenes
Teaser "Zoals Het Was"
Short film ESCAPE


Voice acting short film Broken Fate Line (Dutch language)
Voice acting short film ZERO
Falling Into Your Heart, Lead by Richard de Maaré

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